• 3 Facts About Commercial Chain Link Fencing For Beginners

    In commercial property, chain link fencing offers security at a marginal cost compared to other forms of fencing. Apart from durability, a chain link fence is an aesthetically appealing option for property owners who wish to keep their property from unauthorised access. However, first-time commercial property owners are often confused when it comes to options for chain link fencing. This article helps to minimise the confusion and get beginners started on their commercial chain link fencing.
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  • Why The Hardware On Glass Pool Fences Doesn't Rust

    Glass fences bring a beautiful modern edge to any pool area. The glass and metal elements shimmer in the sunlight and open up the landscape. You might wonder why the hardware doesn't rust, even though it's outside in all types of weather. Here's why. All the metal parts on the fence that connect the glass panels to the ground or to each other, including any clamps, spigots or handrails are protected in one of two ways.
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