3 Facts About Commercial Chain Link Fencing For Beginners

Posted on: 17 June 2019

In commercial property, chain link fencing offers security at a marginal cost compared to other forms of fencing. Apart from durability, a chain link fence is an aesthetically appealing option for property owners who wish to keep their property from unauthorised access. However, first-time commercial property owners are often confused when it comes to options for chain link fencing. This article helps to minimise the confusion and get beginners started on their commercial chain link fencing. 

1. Pipe Components -- For a chain link to be durable, it needs other components such as corner posts, line posts and top rail. Corner posts, which are often made of steel or concrete, ensure security and stability of the chain link fence. Apart from corner posts, line posts add strength to your fence if positioned at a standard distance between each other of at least 10 feet. When installing both line and corner posts, make sure that they are set deep into the ground at the recommended depth for maximum durability. Another critical component of the fence is the top rail, which is a pipe that runs on top of the chain link fence. By securing the fabric of the chain link to the top rail through wire ties, your fence is guaranteed stability for many years. 

2. Fabric -- A chain link fabric is often referred to as chain link wire or chain link mesh. It is the barrier that attaches to the pipe components or fence framework. There are several types of chain link fabric gauges for commercial use, but a rule of thumb is that a small-sized gauge denotes a stronger and thicker mesh and vice-versa. Even a small change in gauge can have a significant difference in the longevity of your chain link fabric. Besides, thicker wires are usually dipped in molten zinc for longer without melting, thereby resulting in a galvanised coating which is less resistant to corrosion.

3. Colour -- Most commercial chain link fences come in the standard galvanised silver colour. However, there are other colours to suit different styles and preferences. You can find coloured framework (rail and posts), fence fabric and fence fittings for various commercial application. Some of the typical colours include dark green, black, white and dark brown. The colour of the fence and fittings is achieved through either coating in a PVC material or powder coating. Remember that you might have to place a special order from a chain link fence manufacturer for some unique colours that may not be available at your local hardware store.