Is Glass Fencing the Best for a Swimming Pool?

Posted on: 13 January 2023

Australian residential swimming pool regulations mean that safety fencing is mandatory nowadays. Although the rules differ a little from state to state, there is a requirement to make all residential pools as safe as they can be. Of course, this primarily means being able to restrict access so that younger children and pets cannot access the pool unsupervised, something that is essential at all times but especially when it is covered over with a membrane and at its most dangerous to anyone who might fall in.

Given the wide range of fencing that is suited for the purposes of pool safety, why is glass pool fencing considered to be the best option by many? After all, it is nowhere near as cheap as wooden fences are to install. Read on to find out why it is increasingly popular in residential pool setting across the country today.

Unbroken Views

To begin with, one of the key properties of glass pool fencing is that it is clear. As such, you won't feel as though you have created a separate zone in your garden when you surround your pool with it. The whole space will feel as though it is one. Of course, being able to see through glass allows you to monitor the pool's usage even if you are not taking a dip yourself, something that is good to know if your kids are swimming while you are elsewhere in the garden, for example.

Safe and Secure

Glass is a very safe material. Yes, it is possible to break it with a heavy blow—just as a wooden fence would be. However, toughened safety glass will not shatter into shards even if someone deliberately tries to vandalise it. This means that it offers both safety and security in domestic settings. What's more, it looks classy, as well.

Choice in Finishes

The fixings for glass pool fencing can be made with different metals. Chrome and stainless steel are popular choices but many manufacturers offer other options, too. When it comes to the glass itself, clear panes are common but you can also opt for tinted or frosted glass if you prefer. This might be a good option if you want to restrict the view to your pool from a neighbouring property on one side, for example.

Easy to Maintain

Finally, glass pool fencing takes almost no maintenance. You just need to wipe it down a couple of times a year for it to remain in top condition. A basic spray and a squeegee are enough to make your fence sparkle in the sunlight.

For more info about glass pool fencing, contact a local company.