Two factors homeowners should consider before choosing new garden fences

Posted on: 10 August 2023

Here are two factors homeowners should consider before choosing new garden fences.

The main purpose of the garden fence

The first thing a homeowner should consider is the main purpose of the new fence. For example, if they want their fence contractor to build this structure to ensure their cat or dog cannot go beyond their garden boundaries, then this will limit the types of fences they can choose from.

If a homeowner is getting a garden fence to secure their property exterior, they may need to opt for a fence whose panels have sharp, pointed tops. This will make it hard for anyone who manages to reach the top of the fence when climbing it to keep a firm grip on it and pull themselves over to the other side. The homeowner may also need their contractor to build a type of fence that has very few horizontal structural components. This would prevent intruders from using these horizontal pieces as footholds if they try to climb the fence.

How much maintenance certain types of fencing materials might need

Homeowners should also factor in the level of maintenance certain fencing materials might need. If they have their contractor put up a high-maintenance fence that they don't have the resources to take care of, this could result in the fencing materials prematurely deteriorating and the homeowner then having to get a new fence far sooner than they'd expected. For example, whilst wooden fences are attractive and durable, many of them require regular maintenance. Wood can fade when exposed to UV light for long periods and so a wooden fence may need to be restained every year or two.

Because this material is susceptible to wood rot, some of its panels may also need to occasionally be replaced if they develop this issue (otherwise, the rot may spread to other panels and cause them to decay). As such, only homeowners who are able to do periodic maintenance on their garden fences should opt for wooden ones. If a homeowner doesn't have lots of time for fence maintenance, then they should consider having their contractor build their fence with a low-maintenance material like aluminium. This material is resistant to corrosion, does not need to be painted and is not susceptible to the type of rot that wood can be.

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