How To Stop Your Dog From Digging Under The Fence

Posted on: 6 June 2016

The task of filling holes dug under the fence by your dog is not a simple one, mainly because digging holes is a character embedded in a dog's DNA. In other words, the dog just can't help himself. Filling the holes now and then can be a frustrating job, particularly if the holes keep popping up on regular occasions. Explaining the situation to your neighbors on a daily basis doesn't seem like a fun encounter either. So what can you do to cover the holes for good and stop your dog from burrowing under the fence? Here are a few ideas that can provide you with a way out in this situation.

Covering The Holes

The first step is to take care of the holes present.

  • Use Pressure Treated Timber – If the gap or hole is under the gate, pressurized timber may come in handy if you want to fill the gap. Cut a 4"X4" pressure treated landscape timber to the same length as the distance between your gate posts. Then dig a trench across your gate; dig deep until you are satisfied that the timber can fit. Lay the timber down in the trench and position it in a way that there is only a small gap left between the bottom of the gate and the pressurized timber. Fill the trench with dirt to make the ground level. This will not only cover the already existing holes under the gate but it will also prevent further digging.
  • Cover The Holes With Gravel – If you cover the hole with the same type of soil that was in the hole, chances are that your dog will come back to the same spot and dig again. But the case may be different if the hole is filled with gravel because gravel makes it uncomfortable for a dog to dig.  

Taking Preventive Measures

After taking care of the holes and gaps left under the fence, the next step is to force the dog to act against his nature of digging (at least not under the fence). One way of doing so is by making the digging areas unattractive for digging. For instance, you can bury a chicken wire 1 to 2 feet down under the fence. Remember to roll the sharp edges to prevent the wire from harming the dog. The wire offers a shield that your dog will find hard to dig through.

Your dog is also likely going to dig due to a lack of entertainment. Hence find time to walk him out or leave him with toys to play with when you are not around.

For more information, contact a local fencing contractor