Common Myths About Aluminium Fencing

Posted on: 10 June 2016

Some homeowners are reluctant to install aluminium fencing due to several common myths about this type of metal fence. This article discusses some of those common misconceptions that you should not believe about aluminium fences.

Myth1: Aluminium Fences Are More Costly Than Wrought Iron Ones

Many people could be falling for this myth because they haven't thought about the cost of having a wrought iron fence installed. The process is so labour-intensive that installation costs become very high. For instance, the fence components have to be welded onto the fence posts once those materials are brought to the site. Furthermore, the welded areas have to be cleaned, primed and painted in order to stave off corrosion. All those additional steps increase the cost of installing that kind of fence. Conversely, aluminium fences do not have to undergo any additional fabrication once the materials are delivered for installation. This brings down the overall cost of buying and installing the aluminium fence.

Myth 2: Aluminium Fences Aren't Durable

The proponents of this myth mistakenly think that aluminium is not durable because it is not as heavy as other metals, such as steel. The impact of this weight difference is that other metals, such as steel and wrought iron, may be stiffer than aluminium. This, however, does not mean that aluminium isn't durable. Aluminium fences are very durable if they are properly installed and maintained. They have a lifespan that can exceed 30 years.

Myth 3: Aluminium Fences Rust

Those who peddle this myth may have been misled by a generalization that all metals rust. What such people do not know is that aluminium does not rust. This is because the metal combines with air to form a protective coat of aluminium oxide. Furthermore, aluminium fences are usually given a surface finish, such as powder coating, that makes the fence even more resistant to the elements. Thus, you should not be deterred from installing an aluminium fence around your home due to fears that it will rust if you do not paint it periodically.

As you explore your fencing options, remember that all metal fences have challenges, such as sagging if the posts used are not thick enough to take the weight of the fence. It is therefore important that you involve a fence contractor in the entire process of designing, installing and maintaining your new fence. In this way, you will avoid the pitfalls that are caused by the myths that abound about different types of fencing materials.