Four Tips to Keep the Stainless Steel Balustrade on Your Pool Steps Looking Nice and Shiny

Posted on: 21 June 2016

A stainless steel balustrade provides you with something to stabilise yourself against while you are climbing into your pool, and it also provides a stylish accent to your swimming pool. However, the combination of pool chemicals, splashing and the elements can all cause your stainless steel pool balustrade to look old and worn. Want to keep it looking new and shiny? Then, take a look at these tips:

1. Consider changing your pool chemicals.

Traditional pool chemicals such as chlorine and bromine can be hard on stainless steel. To reduce the effects of these corrosive elements, consider switching to a salt water pool. Salt water pools have some chlorine, but they produce chlorine through a unique regeneration process, and the levels of chlorine are much lower than in a traditional pool.

In addition, you don't have to worry about the effects of the salt on your stainless steel balustrade as you would if it were near an ocean. The salt levels in a salt water pool are much lower than the levels in the ocean.

2. Find an effective cleaner and stay on top of rust.

To keep your pool railing free of rust, make sure that you clean it regularly. Ideally, you should use a cleaner made for stainless steel and designed to remove and combat rust. You may have to experiment until you find the cleaner you like. Some pool owners prefer to clean their balustrades with Barkeepers Friend, others prefer cleaners made for stainless steel railings on ships, and still others like to use a simple mix of water and vinegar.

Regardless of which cleaner you select, make sure that you use a soft cloth and apply the cleaner in the direction of the grain. If you have stubborn rust spots you are trying to remove, do not use steel wool. It is so abrasive that it may cut into your stainless steel and leave scratches. Additionally, steel wool can leave behind small filings that are likely to rust. Instead, use non-steel wool pads such as bronze wool or use a fabric abrasive scrubby.

4. Polish your balustrade with olive oil.

In addition to cleaning your stainless steel balustrade, you may want to polish it. Polishing it helps smooth out water spots and keeps it looking shiny and attractive. You can make your own stainless steel polish with olive oil and white vinegar.

Moisten a rag with olive oil. Take care not to get the rag so wet that it is dripping oil into your pool. Rather, just make sure it is damp with oil. Then, rub it over your balustrade. When done, rub on a coat of white vinegar.