Fencing Materials: Types of Fences You Get From Different Materials

Posted on: 1 February 2017

The options today are unlimited when you want to design a modern fence. You can complement the design you have for your home or choose an appealing contrast based on the fencing materials you use. The following are the latest trends in fencing and the fencing materials that are used to make them.

Dark wooden fences

Most people do not find darker wood appealing as a choice for fencing. The dark wood may at times seem morbid, austere as well as gothic. However, you can create a distinguished style when you make use of Eastern motifs to improve the dark wood look. Cedar can be stained dark and hold up well.

Vinyl fences

Today, vinyl fencing material is common and is the best choice due to easy maintenance and durability. Vinyl fences have an appealing look that is similar to other expensive fencing materials. They are also versatile, and you can personalize this fencing material to suit your style and taste to match your home's ambience. 

Bamboo fences

When you choose bamboo fencing materials, you opt for a green fencing alternative. You have many different styles when to choose from when designing the fence, and the fence will look superb all through the year. Once you complete your sturdy bamboo fence, it is hard for anyone to believe that the fencing material you used is a type of grass. The finishing is unique and lasts longer when treated or painted to prevent attack by termites and other pests.

Mixed material fence

When building your fence, you are free to choose from a variety of materials to come up with that unique design you need. Such fences are reliable when fencing large areas to ensure adequate security to your property.

For instance, you can mix wood with posts made from vinyl; you can also use brick posts along with wrought iron or combine metal posts with wooden posts. You just need to find the right combination of fencing materials that will complement each other and ensure that you secure your property adequately.

Picket fences

These fences are made of wooden material or vinyl and are primarily meant to give an aesthetic look to your home's entrance. You can add designer elements to your picket fence to personalize it and make it stand out from other neighbours with a similar fence. In addition, when using the fencing material you choose, try to be creative in colour choice. You do not have to stick to the nondescript white colour that most people use.

When you enlist the services of professional fencing contractors and use the above fencing materials, you are not only securing your home but you are also providing for an appealing exterior to your property's look.