What Are The Benefits Of Glass Pool Fencing?

Posted on: 26 February 2018

Contrary to the traditional methods of pool fencing, glass pool fencing is one of its kind. Not only is it modern in appearance, but it also features a ton of advantages -- like you're going to see in the article. No wonder, glass pool fencing has won the hearts of many experts in the nation.

Moreover, with an increase in the level of awareness, most homeowners have come to embrace this pool fencing system. They have come to realise that glass pool fencing is this trending thing they can't afford to miss.

Some of the reasons this contemporary fencing is all the hype today include:

It Offers an Unobstructed View

How about you monitor the children without having to sit by the pool? Of course, you can see right through the glass fence with nothing to obstruct the view. In the same vein, whenever you are seated by the pool, you are not limited to what you can see on your property. The transparent fencing allows for you to admire your beautiful property, including the shrubs and flowers in your home.

It is Rust-Free

Unlike, the traditional methods, which often need to be re-painted or oiled occasionally, glass fencing needs none of that. For the most part, an occasional wash is all you need to maintain the look of the glass fence.

It is Visually Appealing

It adds aesthetic value to your property. A glass pool fencing adds an element of style to your home -- this goes without saying. It is not an eyesore, unlike the concrete or steel fencing.

It is Approved

Because it meets all the Australian safety precautions deemed mandatory for such a fence, glass pool fencing is approved. Which really is a plus, considering it is quickly outdoing the traditional fencing methods.

It is Pretty Strong

Did you know tempered glass undergoes a process of being heated to 700+ degrees before it's cooled quickly? This translates to glass that is strong enough to withstand cracking -- irrespective of who falls on it. That's right; tempered glass won't break a bit even if you dropped it on concrete.

It Makes for a Good Wind Break

While it lets the sun through, glass is an asset when it comes to keeping the wind at bay. No need, therefore, to worry about the cooler months while sitting by the pool -- the glass fence has you covered! As if it's not enough, you can grow plants around the pool area, too -- plants that thrive in little wind and warmer temperatures.


While the importance of pool fencing is tied around safety, it's a good thing if you tried glass pool fencing as it offers so many other advantages over traditional fencing methods.