Benefits Of Tubular Metal Fencing Around The Home

Posted on: 14 July 2020

While many fencing styles and materials can be used around the home, not many are as elegant and functional as tubular metal fences. Read on to discover some of their benefits. 

Numerous Designs

Tubular metal fences come in a vast range of profiles and colours, allowing you to match them to your home's architecture and the surrounding garden. Simple flat-top styles consist of straight-forward vertical railings with a horizontal one along the top. Alternatively, elaborate designs have repeating rows of circles or scrolls and spearhead figures. The rails themselves can be square or round, and the periodic posts have different cap profiles. Additionally, you'll have a choice of black, beige, white, or green to harmonise the barrier with your landscape for a pleasing effect. 

Offers Visibility 

While tubular fencing creates secure barriers, it allows for visibility which helps in various ways. If you have a swimming pool fence, it's crucial that you can see through from other areas of the backyard to ensure everyone is safe. As a front fence, these railings provide a clear view from the street, increasing your home's security. Intruders won't be able to trespass in private as neighbours and passersby might notice them. 

Allows For Breeze 

Tubular metal barriers allow the breeze to flow through, which is essential in places such as patios and pool decks where comfort is crucial. Thus even on hot days, when lounging on the terrace or poolside, you can enjoy the fresh air and not feel baked from the sun with no relief. 

Can Match To A Statement Gate 

Another benefit of tubular metal fences is that they allow for beautiful statement gates. Spanning a driveway, gates can feature a range of arches and elegant metalwork that will make an impression due to their expansive spread. You can also place an accent walk-through gate in the pool area while following safety regulations, as well as along the front garden.

Durable And Low Maintenance 

Tubular barriers typically consist of steel or aluminium, both of which are durable and easy to look after. Aluminium naturally combats rust, and this is ideal for coastal areas with salty, corrosive air. Steel can undergo galvanising treatments that encase the metal in a protective coat of zinc. Another technique is powder coating, which bakes on a polyester-paint layer, adding further protection for both aluminium and steel. With these shielding barriers, tubular fences usually last for many years. Additionally, they don't require much upkeep, possibly just a hose down occasionally to remove dirt and debris. 

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