Aspects to Consider When Installing a Gate for Your Chain Mesh Fence

Posted on: 2 November 2020

Once you've installed a chain wire fence, you need to consider the gate. These mesh gates are versatile in that you can customise many features, some of which make the barrier more or less penetrable to suit its function. Consider the following aspects of fence gate installation. 

Fence Height and Configuration

Various gate sizes conform to different fence heights. Of course, for a high-security barrier, you can install a tall gate, which you can top with rolls of barbed wire. To create a more robust structure, select a low-gauge thick wire to form the diamond webbing, and choose a smaller diamond size. The reason for this is that smaller diamonds create a tighter rather than a looser mesh. 

The width of a commercial gate varies depending on its purpose. You might install a wide double gate for a driveway that provides access to both incoming and outgoing vehicles. Alternatively, to lock up commercial tennis courts, you might need a high narrow gate for foot traffic only. 

The security demands are lower for a residential chain mesh gate which needs to look solid enough to deter trespassers rather than provide a formidable barrier. Just having a securely closed gate will help to put off opportunistic thieves, looking for easy access. To match the fence, the gate will likely be lower, and the mesh might use thinner wire with a larger diamond pattern than a security-conscious commercial gate. 


After you've chosen a gate height and configuration to match your desired security level, you need to select a colour. The mesh typically uses galvanised steel or metal covered in protective zinc, which displays a silver sheen. However, you could use green, black, or brown PVC-covered mesh, that also protects the metal from rust. To coordinate mesh colours, the posts can display the same hue in powder-coated paint. 

Black gates and fences tend to merge into the background, while green gives garden and park environments a natural look. For a commercial situation, you might be more focused on the gate's strength rather than its colour, and a professional silver might be perfect.

Post Diameter and Weight

During your fence gate installation, your contractors can advise on the weight of the posts and other elements. The metal pipes that support the gates can be different diameters and use various steel thicknesses. Double security gates using heavy meshing will require more sturdy posts. The contractors can also advise on the optimum strength hinges and locks.